Poem on: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian


If you are different from the crowd

and no one hears you even if you scream loud

If you are an Outsider at your home

and even at Rearden school alone

If you feel worthless and stupid

and there isn‘t even Cupid

If you haven’t got a real name

and everyday you feel shame

If you’re Arnold and Junior, but none of them suits you

and you feel like you lost your shoe

If you feel alone in the White Sea

and you don’t even know how to be

If each day for you has bad weather

and you feel alone for ever and ever

If there are unwritten rules

and they’re different at other schools

If you’re a terrible fighter

and try to be whiter

You should try to earn some respect

cause you’re a warrior and a genius Arnold Spirit

Ella, Sophie and Fritz, from 8a